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Hi my name is Rosemary Russell I am a 1st year art student, studing at Otago Polytechnic. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first semester except for these last 2 wks. I am just a bit stressed with so much to do all at once. I came here to major in painting which I am doing at the moment and I love it but I loved sculpture to. Sculpture was the 1 subject I wasnt really looking forward to doing, but I think it was partly because of our tutor and because it made me think more about what I had to do instead of being told and shown what to do that I really enjoyed it.DSCN0168 Luckily next semester I get to choose 2 subjects, which will be painting and sculpture. I am not sure now where I want to go with my art after that as next year I am down to only 1 subject, and I love both of them. That is going to be a very hard decision to make.

Since starting school I havent had any time to work on my own stuff as I also have 3 children 2 of which are young so I have to spend time with them as well which leaves very little time to do my own things. I have 2 paintings that I have not touched for months but plan on trying to finish during the holidays.


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